Core Aerators create a healthy enviroment for lawns

Take a deep breath . . . Now breath DEEPER. Doesn't that feel good? This is a good analogy of what a core aerator can do for your lawn . . . It helps it breathe! These 3 point hitch or tow behind aerators actually remove a plug of dirt from your yard to reduce the compaction of the dirt and lets your seed, fertilizer, and water get to where it is needed.

core aerator

Over time, weather works to compact the dirt underneath your lawn. Rain, sunshine, cold winter mornings and hot summer days constantly expand and contract and work your lawn into "hard pan". This is the same as trying to breathe through a sleeping bag for your grass.

Residential Models Vs. Commercial Models

There are really three good Core Aerator Categories that we can showcase here . . . so lets show them to you and talk features!

Water Fillable - This is your cheapest option, and although it does work, the core aerator spoons are welded to the water fillable drum and therefore are not replaceable. If you are just aerating your property alone, you should get years of service. However, the more you use it, the spoons will eventually wear down and will cease to properly aerate your lawn.

Residential / Light Commercial - Now we are getting to a higher quality spoon aeration system. The spoons in this model are replaceable, and seemed to be shaped better for pulling plugs out the ground and literally spitting them out once the new plug is pulled. This model is recommended for exactly what it says!

Full Commercial Use - Agrimetal Core Aerators are used by the finest golf courses, landscape managers, and professionals worldwide. As well as having removable spoons, Agrimetal brand core aerators provide the most sizes and options available for Aerators . . . but with the premium price you should expect to pay for such quality craftsmanship.